Realtor: Emi Hayazaki

Realtor Emi Hayazaki

I am a real estate agent with more than 15 years’ experience. I am also fluent in three (3) languages: English, Spanish and Japanese to better prepare your real estate proposal and communicate your offer, whether you are buying or selling property located within the San Diego community.

I have a vast real estate capability through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and also numerous other market survey resources, that we have located at our offices, to better define and refine for you, information on market conditions, or price comparables for your area of interest.

Further, I can assist you regarding home mortgage financing options, indicating the lowest rates of interest and the best possible terms and conditions, that are available to you through a number of financial institutions that serve our market area. My staff and I will be at your disposal, to research neighborhoods, schools for your children and other personal amenities of interest; and further, to assist you and your family in the event you are relocating to San Diego…especially if you are a Spanish or Japanese speaking family. The special services that we offer our clients can save you many hours of time and our specialized real estate research that we provide, specifically detailed for your needs, can save you thousands of dollars of time and expense.

My professional staff and I are, first and foremost, service orientated to serve you and your family and are available to advise and consult with you throughout

  1. The buying and/or selling process;
  2. The listing process;
  3. Writing and negotiation offers and/or re-offers;
  4. The escrow period;
  5. The various and necessary inspections; and lastly,
  6. The final closing

My staff and I will listen closely to the needs of you and your family, and make certain that we understand them thoroughly, before we begin, to provide you and your family with a pleasant, comfortable and professional buying or selling real estate experience. We have all of the home buying expertise that you need. I am also committed and dedicated to providing you with the highest level of quality service and the attention to the details, necessary to complete your real estate transaction, upon the best terms and conditions for you. You will find that I am enthusiastic, and tenacious on your behalf, striving to treat all parties with respect, honesty, courtesy, and fairness.

My motto is “professionalism and client support and service“…this is how I would want to be served and this level of service is my primary source of referrals for future business…it all depends upon my dedicated service to you and your satisfaction with the transaction. Thank you and I will look forward to being working with you soon…

San Diego Association of REALTORS / California Association of REALTORS /
National Association of REALTORS and its International Section

Clairemont Dr Office:

Emi Realtor - Century 21 San DiegoCentury21
3091 Clairemont Dr.
San Diego CA.92117

Via Del Campo Office:
Century21 United Brokers
16955 Via Del Campo #100
San Diego CA.92127